Project: Assisting Wyntec in launching their software product, A2B Data™ and building Wyntec & A2B Data™ website.

Date:  March 2016 – May 2016

Budget: $9,000+

Services Provided: Social Media Strategy, Website Design x2, Social Ad Creatives, Videos, Global Branding, Graphics/Sales Aids

The Goal: To build brand recognition, product awareness that converts to sale. Position Wyntec as an industry influencer and content publisher for innovative Big Data technology.

Our Strategy: Wyntec partnered with me to launch A2B Data™ the new tool in data migration. As a deep tech product, we wanted to connect with our end users from a point of view that was an authority on big data migration, professional, while employing native content and a “real” person connection. We did this by including members of the company and “Super Data Girl” on A2B Data’s Twitter account. We worked together to create a social media strategy that would include rich content and social media assets to attract customers, create engagement and brand awareness in the Big Data space. Assets included: SEO-optimized blog content, white papers, graphics, promo videos, engaging social content, influencer outreach as well as Twitter ads targeted directly at our audience. As Creative Director, I assisted in building clean, optimized websites through WordPress to host their content and promote their product.

Summary: Through our work as a team with rich content and strong SEO, we have positioned A2B ™ Data as a key player for fast data migration. We have also created valuable assets for sales aids and opened the doors for future products.

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