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American Eagle’s New Teen Brand: Hit or Miss?

No one likes a copycat.

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Ava / 0 / 03rd Nov 2016
The Anatomy of the Bubble in Fashion

Everything that goes up must come down.

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Ava / 0 / 17th May 2016
15 Ways to Think Like Coco #Chanel and Be Successful

One doesn’t have to look too hard to see that Coco Chanel was a successful woman. And here’s why

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Ava / 0 / 02nd Mar 2016
What Is Blogger Outreach & How Do I Do It?

If you don't do it, you are missing out on a very crucial element.

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Ava / 0 / 29th Feb 2016
#FastFashion & The Importance of Supply Chain Management

Everyone needs to watch this. #FastFashion and the need for Supply Chain Management is addressed on Tonight with John Oliver. Fast Fashion:  Tonight with John Oliver

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Ava / 0 / 13th Feb 2016