Prospect Denim

Prospect Denim Website, Creative Direction

Project: Prospect Denim Brand Development, Creative Direction, Design.

Date: 2007-08

Budget: $17,000

Services Provided: Design, Brand and Product Development, Creative Direction for website

Summary: Prospect Denim was a new premium denim company in 2007 for men and women. which I was hired to design from conception. In 2007, I and my team created the concept, branding and style for the award-winning website for Prospect Denim. We wanted the website to reflect the brand image as a Made in the USA, ‘grown and sewn’ denim brand with authentic vintage washes and finishes. Prospect Denim became a very rich experience that highlighted the product while entertaining the user. The music and sound design helped bring everything to life. In 2008, Prospect Denim won an FWA Award. The FWA award gave Prospect Denim worldwide recognition as a stand-out brand not only in the digital space but in the apparel industry as well.

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