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The Four P’s of Marketing (Why They’re Critical)

All brands are created with The Four Ps of marketing in mind (and I throw in a couple more for good measure) The Four P’s to Marketing are: Product Price...

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Ava Carmichael / 0 / 01st Jun 2017
American Eagle’s New Teen Brand: Hit or Miss?

No one likes a copycat.

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Ava / 0 / 03rd Nov 2016
Why ‘Intuitive Entrepreneurship’ is Crucial

Sometimes it means moving rapidly on an idea that sparks almost out of nowhere.

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Ava / 0 / 02nd Apr 2016
What is the cost of social media marketing?

Make sure you budget for marketing, because a funny thing happens when you don't do it: Nothing.

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Ava / 0 / 04th Mar 2016
15 Ways to Think Like Coco #Chanel and Be Successful

One doesn’t have to look too hard to see that Coco Chanel was a successful woman. And here’s why

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Ava / 0 / 02nd Mar 2016
How to Make Money As A Fashion Blogger

Not possible? Just ask Chiara Ferragni, who pulled in a reported $8 Million in 2015

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Ava / 0 / 29th Feb 2016