Costume Designer Austin TX, Dallas TX

Ava Carmichael – Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor in Austin, Texas / Dallas, TX
Available for Film, Commercial projects

Costumer/Wardrobe Day Rate varies by assignment: Est. $150-$400/day

Costumers: “What are the pay rates?”

A Costumer hourly minimum rate in LA is approx. $27 an hour. Many established Key Costumers working as “Wardrobe Supervisors” (meaning that they were managing the wardrobe department for that film production) negotiating as high as $35 an hour, if there is no Costume Designer on the film.

A Costume Designer minimum weekly rate is $900 a week. An average established Costume Designer is a minimum of $1,500 a week.

Costume/Kit Rental available @$200/day (Contact Me)

Ava is a Costume Designer, Wardrobe Supervisor and a professional Fashion Designer, Denim Specialist & Stylist with over 10 years experience in apparel design, development and research.

For assignments, I can provide: Mobile wardrobe unit (DOA), full wardrobe kit* including sewing machines, sewing and altering supplies, steamers, racks, photo equipment, laptop and portable wi-fi hotspot, wardrobe inventory of modern and vintage clothing.

Costume Design, Wardrobe Experience
Feature Film, Short Film and Theatrical Productions


  • Design
  • Dye processing, aging fabrics and garments
  • Sewing for on-set alterations and/or repairs
  • Assisting with construction of costumes for film or theatrical shows
  • Fittings, photos, creating catalogs of wardrobes for continuity
  • Sourcing wardrobe and costumes for film production use
  • Collaboration with the Director to complete wardrobe projects on schedule
  • Source costumes, supplies, and lenders
  • Fabric Sourcing, Surface Print Design, Pattern Making, Sewing
  • Costume rentals, returns, lending, borrowing, fittings, alterations, repairs, and cleaning

Wardrobe Kit (Available for Rental)
What’s In my Wardrobe Kit:

Single Needle Sewing Machine
Irons, Steamers, Boards,
Full Length Mirror(s)
Hangers, Racks, Dividers
Lint rollers, lint brush
Pens, Pencils, Sharpies
Kraft Wardrobe Hangtags
Safety pins
Binder, paper clips
Tape – scotch tape, duct tape, gaffers tape (yep) and double stick tape
Fun Tak
Jewelry shine cloth
Shout wipes, baby wipes, Tide stain stick
Antibacterial wipes
Collar extensions
Static Guard
Pre-threaded sewing kit
Shoe shine/polish, shoelaces, insoles, moleskin for heels
Tape measure
Wire ties
Cable ties
Pincushion (with pins)
Clear bra straps, Bra strap back holster
Bra extender
Nipple patches
Makeup cover smocks
Spritz water bottle
Lysol disinfectant spray
Febreeze and Vodka in a spray bottle – to deodorize without leaving the water marks
Rubber bands
Mini-eyeglass repair kit
Tie tacks
Trash bags
Latex gloves – They make cleaning up messes less icky.
Ziploc bags
Disposable Razors and shaving cream
Brush ups, toothpicks, dental floss
Tampons, sanitary napkins, and panty liners
Nude colored bralettes
Body Shapers
Insect Repellant
Basic first aid kit
Plug converter(s) – three-pronged for two prong
Box knife, pliers, multi screwdriver
Krazy Glue
Sm. electric fan, or sm. heater fan (Seasonal)