Carmichael & Co. Bicycle Bags

Carmichael & Co. Bicycle Bags


Project: Carmichael & Co. Bicycle Bags

Date: 2012-2015

Scope of Project: Design, Creative Direction, Product Development, Ad Creatives, Social Media Strategy, Crowdfunding Campaign Management, PR

The Goal: To produce a product that was market-ready, launch on Kickstarter to fund the project and build brand recognition

Summary: The Carmichael bike bags collection was designed and prototyped in 2012. The collection was launched in three separate phases from 2012 to 2015. As a result of utilizing the Kickstarter platform and fine-tuning the product design and development, I created an on-trend product with creative assets to support it. The 3 projects were a Kickstarter success and I was able to secure press from Fast Company and write-ups from blogs within the bike and sports industry such as Velojoy. All three projects were successfully funded on Kickstarter and raised over $22,600 for production, with the third project being a featured Staff Pick on Kickstarter.